Fallout from 2012 Hit Hard

Who is going to forget the heady days of Anno Dominae twenty thousand and thirteen, with its Obamacare glitches, twerking pop-tartlets, and government shutowns after hollow threats of budget cut disasters? Is this really a year we want to review, or just hope for the shock ending where it was all a dream? The old Pope Benedict the 16th decided to quit and a new guy, Francis the First, is off to the races with reforms and a surprisingly cheap lifestyle. And, for a bonus, the "comet of the century" somehow fizzled out into fragments when it got within a million miles of the Sun, as if this was not to be expected from the get-go. With all the wars and rumors of war, Syria chemical attacks and threats of Asian naval wars over deserted islands, Miley Cyrus turned out to be the biggest topic online. This is just too bad for the hundreds of thousands of oppressed people suffering injustices.

Glitches and Failures

Year In ReviewWho will doubt that the year 2013 will be seen as the year of the leak? Edward Snowden's continuing revelations show the NSA to be (1) not very careful with all of its files and (2) just about everywhere, and deeply associated with search engines and social media sites that were "shocked" to find out that their traffic was all being tapped and read. People learned that their cell phone data is being kept, but don't worry because only the "metadata" is being preserved. Foreign relations are in jeopardy thanks to revelations about spying on Brazil and German leaders including their personal phone calls and emails. For all the people who were afraid that the US would be taken over by China, now it seems that someone has been taking lessons from their infrastructure. Miley Cyrus Twerked her way into the hearts of people everywhere, rode a wrecking ball, and might as well rename herself Molly considering the advocacy for the substance she is promoting. Walter White died, a prince was born, and Rick still can't seem to figure out a way to get away from zombies. The Baltimore Ravens took the Super Bowl despite the best efforts of Kevin Bacon.

Celebrity Scandals and Deaths

Even the ending of the year could not go with out its controversies and celebrity deaths. A star who made his money doing movies about dangerous driving died in a high-speed accident, and his fans make pilgramages to his death site like he was the reincarnation of Princess Diana. People don't stop to think of the many who may have died copying his motion picture antics, most of which were accomplished inside of a computer. Nelson Mandela died, and got the biggest funeral since Churchill, but his associations with other tyrants, and connections with car bombings and necklacing got papered over thanks to the miraculous transition of the South African government. A star of a singing drama died of a drug overdose. The War in Afghanistan is still with us, Syria boils over but is now roundly ignored after the threat of a "very small" attack was eliminated by a strange choice of words by the Secretary of State.

In the courtroom, the Supreme Court cleared the way for gay marriage on the statewide level, way too many people were interested in the trial of Jodi Arias in Phoenix, and George Zimmerman was found not guilty despite the threat of riots, which didn't quite materialize.